Facts about the Teddy Breed

A Teddy is a short haired guinea pig with a short dense coat that has bent (kinked) hair which makes the coat stand on end, giving a very fuzzy appearance. Even the whiskers are kinked. This hair on its rounded guinea pig shape makes it truly look like a 'Teddy Bear'. The coat is resilient, meaning it returns to its original position after being stroked. The body of the Teddy is similar to the American in size, and the ideal Teddy has a nice Roman nose. They have the appearance of a live stuffed animal!


The Teddy got its start in 1967 as a mutation of a tortoise shell and white American guinea pig.  It didn't take long for this new type of cavy to catch on, and breeders started reproducing them.  They were officially recognized as the fifth breed of guinea pig by the American Rabbit Breeders Association and the American Cavy Breeders Association in 1974. 


Teddies are docile and very gentle. They are among the best guinea pig breeds for children. They also come in a satin breed which makes the coat even softer.