FAQ about Guinea Pigs


Q:  Why is it so important for guinea pigs to get Vitamin C supplements?

A:  Guinea pigs, like humans, are unable to produce their own vitamin C. For that reason, they need extra vitamin C in their diet to ensure they do not fall ill or get scurvy. You can feed them Vitamin C in the form of tablets, vitamin drops, and/or feed them lots and lots of vegetables.


Q: Are two guinea pigs better than one?
A: Yes, two is usually better than one. Guinea pigs are social animals and get along well in groups. Two females would be the best. If you get two males, try to get ones that are brothers or have been in the same cage since they have been born. Males that don’t know each other may fight.


Q: Is it ok if my guinea pig eats its poop?
A: Yes, it is fine! Even though it is really disgusting to us, guinea pigs will eat their own poop for the leftover nutrients still in them. Eating poop is actually good for guinea pigs. Yummy!